Meet the best car freshener for removing (organic) odours, bacteria and even viruses from your car. Think of dog smells, cigarettes, damp, mould or other smells. After a simple treatment, the interior of your car will smell totally fresh again!

Carfreshfresh, the best car odour remover

Carfreshfresh is the best method for removing all types of unpleasant odours from your car. Smelly air conditioning, dog smells or the permanent smell of smoke, these nasty car odours no longer stand a chance after one simple treatment with Carfreshfresh.

While some agents neutralise or temporarily mask the odour by means of car perfume, Carfreshfresh ensures that negatively charged odour molecules are removed. This means that the smell is tackled at the root, instead of just masking the bad smells.

With Carfreshfresh only one treatment is needed to get rid of all unpleasant odours in your car. With this powerful odour remover you will enjoy getting into your car!

How does Carfreshfresh work?

With Carfreshfresh, you receive an easy do-it-yourself jar to place in your car to eliminate bad odours. Watch the instruction video below or read more about how Carfreshfresh works.

Why Carfreshfresh?

Nobody likes getting into a pongy car, right?! At Carfreshfresh we certainly don’t. Fortunately, removing bad smells has never been easier.
Carfreshfresh is the odour neutraliser that really removes unpleasant odours, viruses and bacteria.

  • Only one simple treatment needed
  • The most powerful car odour eliminator
  • Odours, viruses and bacteria are eliminated
  • Completely safe for your car interior
  • Carfreshfresh is more effective than the best car perfume!

Smelly car? Carfreshfresh eliminates all unpleasant odours from your car!

Any bad smells are easily removed from you car with Carfreshfresh. By combining special tablets, a chemical Clo2 reaction is created that tackles every stench at the root. Including the following unpleasant odours:

  • Dog smells or other animal smells
  • Lingering cigarette smoke smell
  • Burnt oil smell
  • Smelly air conditioning after not being used for a long time
  • Smell of fries, pizza or other take-away food
  • Mould from food scraps
  • Petrol smell

Food Scents

Cigarette Smells

Musty odors

Dog Smells