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How do I ensure an optimal result using Carfreshfresh?

Carfreshfresh itself is very powerful against bad odours. However, it is important to prepare yourself for the treatment to ensure an optimal result with your Carfreshfresh.

Read more about how you achieve an optimal result with Carfreshfresh.

Will the use of Carfreshfresh affect the interior of my car? No. Carfreshfresh does not affect the interior of your car.

When used according to the owner’s manual, this car odour remover is completely safe to use in any type of car.

What reaction will take place?

By combining Tablet A and Tablet B and mixing them with lukewarm water (90 ml), chlorine dioxide is generated. This chlorine dioxide (ClO2) penetrates deep into the materials of your car and removes all kinds of odours, bacteria and viruses.

Is Carfreshfresh safe?

Yes, Carfreshfresh is safe if you use it according to the instructions.

Please note that no one should be in the car while using Carfreshfresh. After airing the car for 20 minutes (windows open), no product remains that could be harmful to people or animals.

Does Carfreshfresh leave an odour?

Yes, Carfreshfresh leaves a slight chlorine smell right after use. This smell is often compared to the smell of a freshly cleaned bathroom, wonderfully fresh! After you have opened the windows and doors of the car for about 20 minutes, the smell will disappear completely. All the lingering nasty odours in your car will have been eliminated!

Can I use Carfreshfresh more than once?

No, Carfreshfresh has been developed for single use. You can order a new Carfreshfresh here. We recommend using Carfreshfresh once every 6 to 8 weeks.

Can I leave Carfreshfresh in the car for more than 5 consecutive hours?

Yes, you can!

Carfreshfresh should be in the car for at least 5 hours, but longer is no problem. Do you want to leave it overnight? No problem, as this will not effect the performance.

Does Carfreshfresh eliminate cigarette smell too?

Yes, Carfreshfresh eliminates cigarette smell too, but removing these smells takes more time than the recommended 5 hours for other smells.

Therefore, leave Carfreshfresh in your car for more than 24 hours if you are affected by a cigarette smell, and ideally replace the cabin air filter before the treatment.

What is the most ideal temperature to use Carfreshfresh at?

The optimum temperature for using Carfreshfresh is between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the tablets react quickly with each other and with the water, so that an optimal result is achieved.

Can I use Carfreshfresh in full sunlight?

This is not recommended. Preferably put the car in the shade. The active chemicals released break down quickly under the influence of warm sun, making Carfreshfresh less effective.

Does Carfreshfresh also work below 10 degrees Celsius?

Yes, it must be at least 0 degrees Celsius to use Carfreshfresh. We advise you to leave Carfreshfresh in your car longer than 5 hours, at a temperature between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius, because the reaction takes longer to start.

Does Carfreshfresh also work below 0 degrees Celsius?

No, it must be at least 0 degrees Celsius for Carfreshfresh to work. At a lower temperature, the tablets and the water won’t mix, therefore too little active chemicals will be released. Hence, it won’t work properly and it takes longer until the car can be used again.

After use: how should I dispose of it?

This varies per region. Please read the local environmental regulations for chemical products. This is also stated in our package insert. After using Carfreshfresh, turn the lid back on the jar and dispose of the packaging in the correct waste bin.

What are the dangers of incorrect use of Carfreshfresh?

Improper use of Carfreshfresh involves risks. You should therefore always read the package insert and the manual before use and follow the instructions.

Can I stay in the car once the product is 'activated'?

No, absolutely not. The chemical reaction that takes place in the car could cause harm. For more information, please read the user manual and package insert. As long as you follow the instructions, Carfreshfresh is safe to use.

Which payment methods does Carfreshfresh accept?

You can pay us by the following payment methods:
– iDeal
– PayPal
– Creditcard
– Apple Pay
– SOFORT Banking
– Bancontact
– Belfius Direct Net

Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel the order, please contact us as soon as possible by sending an email to If the order has not yet been shipped, it may still be cancelled. If the order has already been shipped, it cannot be cancelled. When you have received the order, you can return it.

I have not received a confirmation. What do I do now?

It may take a few minutes before you receive the confirmation in your mailbox. The email may be blocked by the spam filter, so please also check your junk folder. If you still cannot find the confirmation, please contact us by sending an email to

Can I change the delivery address?

If you have entered the wrong delivery address, please contact us as soon as possible by sending an email to We will see if the address can still be changed. If the order has been shipped, unfortunately we can’t do anything for you.

Can I return Carfreshfresh?

Yes, you may return Carfreshfresh provided the packaging/jar is unopened.

How can I track my order?

When your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email containing the Track & Trace code, which you can use to track the shipment.