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Preparation: remove any rubbish from your car

Clear the car of dirt, rubbish and food leftovers. E.g. fruit, sweets, chewing gum and packaging.

Open Tablet A & Tablet B

Put on the supplied glove and use scissors to open Tablet A and Tablet B.

Place the tablets in the cove in the jar

The Carfreshfresh pot has a recess. Place both tablets in it, keeping your glove on. Avoid contact with the skin and do not inhale the product.

Place the jar in the car and add water

Place the Carfreshfresh jar on a flat surface in the car, such as the armrest or the centre console. Now add a measuring cup of lukewarm water (90 ml, preferably 37 degrees Celsius).

Close the car: Carfreshfresh will do its job!

Just wait for it! Close the car (including windows). The water mixes Tablet A and Tablet B, causing a chemical ClO2 reaction. This reaction will eliminate the odours.

Wait for at least 5 hours

After closing all doors and windows, you must wait at least 5 hours. Use Carfreshfresh in the evening when you don’t need the car, for example.

Remove the jar from your car

Did you wait at least 5 hours? Great! Now open the car, remove the Carfreshfresh jar and put the lid back on. Please dispose of it in accordance with local waste disposal regulations.

Open your car windows to air it out

Leave your car to air out for a while before using it. Leave the windows open for about 20 minutes. To air the car faster, you can also turn on the air conditioning.

Step 8: Your car smells freshfresh again!

Your car will smell fresh like never before. With this new car scent you will be happy to get back on the road. We call that fresh fresh!

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Why Carfreshfresh?

Nobody likes getting into a pongy car, right?! At Carfreshfresh we certainly don’t. Fortunately, removing bad smells has never been easier.
Carfreshfresh is the odour neutraliser that really removes unpleasant odours, viruses and bacteria.

  • Only one simple treatment needed
  • The most powerful car odour eliminator
  • Odours, viruses and bacteria are eliminated
  • Completely safe for your car interior
  • Carfreshfresh is more effective than the best car perfume!